Registration Options

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Spirit Exposition Services has several different options to choose from for registration needs.

Registration Booth

A. The standard registration counter with lighted header with 10’ back drape, 6’ topped and draped table, 2 task chairs, and a wastepaper basket. This option is commonly used for Exhibitor Check In and/or Exhibitor Registration, ticket sales, pick up for badges or goodie bags, and service desk.
This registration counter will accommodate graphics.

Large Registration Counter

B. This large registration counter with or with out lighted header can be used for events that require several representatives at a centered location to accept many registrants at one time.  This registration counter will accommodate graphics.

Economical Registration

C. The most economical registration would be the 6’ table or tables with 10’ of back drape, chairs and a wastepaper basket.  This table can also be counter high.